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Overview of Drifters Unleashed


Drifters Unleashed is exactly that. We take the world’s best drifters away from the stress and restriction of professional competition and let the drive they way they’ve always wanted to, with no rules and no limits. We hire the track and let them loose on a variety of custom-built courses designed for maximum action with not a single official or judge in sight. Drifters Unleashed turns drifting from motor-sport to extreme- sport and shows what sliding is really about…. Getting out control and having fun.

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***New Drifters unleashed DVD coming March 2010!***
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Here is the first teaser of Drifters Unleashed 2009 DVD.

We hired the track and invited Australia's best drifters out to have some fun with no rules, no judges and no competition. This is extreme sport side of drifting!

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Drifters Unleashed DVD!


For the first Drifters Unleashed DVD we hired Oran Park Raceway and invited Australia’s best drifters to come along and let it all hang out. On the first day we hit the skidpan and put its 400m long, 5 lanes wide run-up to good use with an extreme entry competition. Watching each driver try to out do one another leads to some spectacular moves, and looses, at speeds over 150km/h. Tires, body-kits and a whole lot more, are destroyed in the name of the most extreme entry. From Luke Fink’s ridiculous speed and angle, to Jack Monkhouse’s backwards entries and the Corporal’s lumberjack experience, things got pretty wild. The afternoon saw the Skidpan transformed into a drifter’s playground as the drivers unleash everything they have. Drift-trains, door-to-door tandem runs and general mayhem were the result.

For Day 2 we decided to build our own drift course designed for door-rubbing action and “white of the eyes” close video footage. As usual, any rules were made to be broken and the drivers tore it up. Teem Peer showed us what proximity is all about while Tom Monkhouse kept us thoroughly entertained smashing everything for six!

We later returned to Oran Park Raceway on the last day it was open to the public and was closed for good. Although a sad day, we gave Oran Park Raceway the good-bye it deserved. There is also bonus footage from Japan after we me up with some of our crazy friends. With drivers including Luke Fink, The Corporal, Beau “The Show” Yates, The Insane Drifters, Team Peer, Fernando Weirhl and the Project D crew, Anthony “Hectic” Bilic, Ben Purtell and The Monkhouse Brothers, Drifters Unleashed provides the ultimate in drifting entertainment. No judges, no rules, no limits.

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