Jet Multimedia is the only production company that specialises in the high performance automotive industry. Our scope extends from high energy commercials and web videos to full length titles and event DVDs. The background and experience of our staff allows us to produce DVDs at a higher quality and lower price than any other production company. It also allows us to hit the target market and meet the demands of automotive enthusiasts. DVDs made for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Moving into the Future

Jet Multimedia is taking automotive entertainment and the DVD Magazine concept one step further with better technology and procedures to deliver higher quality video, music and production.

All of our footage is now shot and edited in High Definition, enabling all footage to be author written in PAL or NTSC to suit all countries. We also have new techniques allowing higher image quality when the footage is converted to standard definition. It also allows the features to be future proofed so they can be used on TV or re-released in HD once the technology becomes mainstream affordable. We also have an extensive royalty free music database of quality high-energy music.

Staff and Experience

Jet Multimedia was started by Andrew Hawkins, who was the producer at Infinity Entertainment for over three years. Andrew has produced over 50 automotive DVDs for distribution in Australia, America, New Zealand and Europe. Andrew also has five years experience as an event commentator and TV/DVD presenter, giving him a huge contact network spanning Australia, Japan and the USA. A background in Engineering also means that the technical side of the car industry is correctly represented.


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Jet Multimedia

Jet Multimedia has some of the most experienced production staff in the industry. As well as a cameraman and editors in-house, we also have an extensive network of contractors who have worked with, and been trained by us previously.

Jet Multimedia is able to cater for every step in the production phase from pre production and planning to shooting and hosting and all stages of post production. This includes editing, grading, voiceovers, sound mixing and author writing.

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Jet Multimedia aims to provide companies with multimedia solutions that they thought they could never afford. Our experience, procedures and specialisation allows us to produce video features, commercials, DVDs and TV shows at a price point well below the competition while still being of the highest standard.

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DVDs Produced

Ignition DVD edition 004-033
10 Ignition DVD Special Editions
Drift Central DVD Edition 001-004
DSport DVD Volume 02-12
Motive DVD
Drifters Unleashed

Hosting Experience

Drift Australia Championship Series Host – SBS, Channel 9 and Fox Sports
Powercruise DVD #10-#23
Ignition DVD edition 002-033
10 Ignition DVD Special Editions
Drift Central DVD edition 001-004
DSport DVD Volume 02-12

Commentating Experience

Autosalon Power Championship
Drift Australia Championship Series
Fulllock Drift Nationals
Stadium Drift
Street Torque and Hyperzone
Lexmark Indy 300 Drift Demos


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