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Drift, Drag, Street, Show, Circuit. Which ones your motive?

Every car enthusiast has a motive that drives them to build their modified machines, and at Motive DVD, it’s our job tofind out. Thanks to our contacts around the globe, we travel Australia and the world to bring you the best modified cars, events, street meets, import models, new car reviews, tech features and project cars.

Shot and edited in HD with a pumping music score it is the ultimate in automotive entertainment. Motive DVD brings a car magazine to life and onto your TV screen.


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Editions 1–5
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So what’s it really all about? Motive DVD brings everything you would find in a car magazine to your TV screen and brings it to life. It’s all about the best the modified performance car scene has to offer from around the globe. Driving high powered wild machines, the heart ache and drama associated with building and racing them, the personalities and people that make the scene what it is, the biggest and craziest events, the hottest import models, building project cars and all the technical info on how these machines work.

So what makes up Motive DVD?

Car Features:
We feature the best modified import machines from around the Globe. All the cars we feature have one thing in common, they are built for performance. Weather its for drift, circuit, time attack, drag racing or owning the street, its all about go at Motive DVD. It’s one thing to look at pictures of these cars in a magazine but another all together to watch them in action and hear the wheels spinning, the turbos spooling and the wastegates screaming. The cars need to be seen and heard, not looked at.

Our car features not only show the car in action, we introduce you to the owners and builders of the machines and find out what makes them do what they do, as well as the heartache and the joy that goes into building high performance machines. We also show all the cars specs on screen so you can see what parts make the cars tick. On-board cameras put you in the hot seat and see what the cars are like to drive.

Event Features:
Here at Motive DVD, we travel to the biggest and most influential car events in the world. Tokyo Autosalon?…check. SEMA?….check. Red Bull Drifting World Championship?…..check. Tsukuba Superlap….check. We attend the craziest and best drifting, circuit and drag events and bring you all the action. We go behind the scenes with the teams and drivers to check out what really happens. You also get to see some of the world’s greatest racetracks from the best place, the drivers seat, thanks to our extensive on-board cameras. We also show you all latest trends, new parts as well as the hottest cars and models from the world’s top car shows.

Where we’ve been in the last 6 months
 - Red Bull Drifting World Championships
 - Tokyo Autosalon
 - D1GP Tokyo
 - IDRC California Speedway
 - Yokohama Superlap
 - Powercruise 17, 18 and 19

Where we’re going in the next 6 months
 - Tsukuba Rev Speed Magazine Super Battle
 - Powercruise 20, 21 and 22
 - Drift Australia Championship
 - Redline Time Attack California

Lifestyle Events:
The car scene isn’t just about the cars, it’s also about the people and the lifestyle. The staff at Motive DVD are car modifiers just like you, so we take an active part in the car scene. We go on some of the maddest and biggest cruises you’ve seen and cover all the driving action, as well as check out all the cars. We also visit the biggest street meets and check out what the modified lifestyle is all about.

We also go to some of the best industry and launch parties around the globe. We get to meet and interview the top builders, drivers and celebrities in the scene as well as check out all the action so we can bring it to you.

Circuit & Touge Battles:
Starting from Issue 003 of Motive DVD, we will be putting together a heap of touge and circuit based performance car shoot-outs. Thanks to our relationship with Marulan Drive Training Centre in NSW, we have our very own touge course set in the middle of the Australian Outback. Now you can enjoy touge battles every issue in full English!

We also have partnerships with various racetracks in Australia and the US so we will be holding various performance car shootouts to see who has the fastest cars In the world. Best of make battles, turbo vs NA, RWD vs FWD, grip vs drift. These are the types of battles you can expect to see. Keep an eye out in our latest news section for updates.

Import Models:
We all know that hot girls and cars go hand it hand. Every car show and magazine you look at has models and promo girls all over the place. Here at Motive DVD we visit their photo shoots so you can check out how hot they really are and get to meet them through our interviews. Thanks to our relationship with DSPORT Magazine, we get all of the hottest import models from the US too.

Project Cars:
Here at Motive DVD we don’t just film modified cars, we build them too. There’s always something on the go, weather it’s a quick two week build of a drift car or one of our long term build-ups. We don’t just build them either, we drive them too. We cover all of the before and after dyno and track testing as well as show them in action.

Check out our extensive history of our long term project car JET200! Click here

Tech Features & Product Reviews:
Cars are complicated machines so at Motive DVD we try and make understanding them a little bit easier with various tech features. We also test various products in the real world to see just how well they work so that you can make a better buying decision.


Drift, Drag, Street, Show, Circuit. Which ones your motive?

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